Our work and experience ranges from graphic, packaging, advertising, digital, web design to product design. We provide over 20 years of experience at helping our clients with creative solutions to help them grow.


Our skilled capabilities allow us to provide complete design services such as branding and logo development, publications and catalogs, advertising, work in digital mediums such as social media, iPAD publications and apps, website designs, and photography, then do the final production to meet your deadlines.

Our Expertise Includes:

• Graphics

• Packaging

• Advertising

• Digital

• Social Media


The Art of Craft is an ethos that we at ANEW DESIGNS hold dear to our hearts.


In the past, craft was the backbone to getting a well produced product or service. Over time, craft was placed on the back burner. Quantity over quality became the mantra. We have based our process on putting the art of craft back at the fore front of what design can accomplish. We pride ourselves on solutions that are harmoniously crafted, professional and work to combine art and business.


We believe in making design solutions that will propel your message to your market. Design driven solutions create results that get a reaction. At ANEW DESIGNS we are driven to create in an ethical manner for our clients and our world.



Doing it right and in the right way is a well crafted solution.


Our slogan "design with passion" is our philosophy and a belief we instill in all of our projects. At ANEW DESIGNS we strive to combine our passion for design and art into our daily lives. We spend our time being observant of the wonderful world around us. We look at the details in life and understand how to apply them to make good design. Design can improve and make each of our lives better. Design is powerful and life changing. Great design should be an equalizer and available to all.


Daniel Gross -  creative director

Daniel has over 20 years in the design industry. His work has ranged from graphics and advertising to package design. Daniel has a bachelor degree from Towson University in Baltimore and a Master of Fine Art (MFA) from the University of Massachusetts. Daniel's great passions outside of designing include travel, photography, nature's beauty, art museums, teaching, new technology and working as a volunteer firefighter.



Some of the clients and brands we have worked with from coast to coast over the years include-


National Park Geek / CO Roasted Nuts / Noritsu America Corporation / Avery Dennison / Creative Imaginations / Elite Models / Pine Technology USA / Pro One / Magppie - India / Aldan Shocks Inc. / nVIDIA / SeaWorld  / Exhibit Design Magazine / Orange Micro Inc. / Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) / Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO) / Huntington Beach Art Center / Education Management Corporation / Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute / University of Maryland / State of Maryland / Vitality Gourmet Inc. / Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) / Towson University / The Art Institute of California / Bowie State University / Mirabeau Restaurant / Gina's Pizza / Blue Moth / California Rideshare / / NiteRider Inc. / La Habra Heights Fire Department / Bowie Fire Department / Mutual Funding Inc. / Prentice Hall Publishing / Mosby Publishing / Fire Chief Magazine / Believe in Travel / Belapri / Creative Action Network (C.A.N.)


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

― John Muir


Let us bring our strategic design process to help you solve your problems. "Design Thinking" is a means to solve complex problems. We combine design and business to come up with creative solutions.


We are available to come and consult with your business or organization to help you come up creative solutions to meet your needs. Visual solutions maybe what you need, but we are also more then capable of using design thinking to help you develop solutions and processes for complex issues. Bringing together the complex thought process that goes into design is proven to be a sound way to approach many business solutions. We can utilize design thinking to help you go to the next level. We can help you figure out the "why" so you can breach out from the norm and achieve your goals. Solving a problem by using the tenets of the design process will bring new insights and solutions.


We are experts at developing new ideas. At ANEW DESIGNS, we can come to your organization and review new software with your team. We can speak and motivate your team with a lecture or a series of talks to help them be more creative and suggest ways to better solve your problems. We have years of experience teaching in ways that motivate and provide positive solutions.


We are more then just a design firm that can create a well branded and designed solution, we are passionate about sharing design with others. Let
us know what your needs are and we can craft a solution that will take you to new depths.



We are all connected to each other in this amazing world we live in. We believe that what we do matters not only to ourselves but those that surround us. With this principle in mind, we strive to bring sustainable design practices into each of our projects.


Sustainable design in not just a "passing trend". Sustainability is a process to design in a better way, a way that benefits you, your consumers and the environment.


Sustainable design is considering how to put best practices together to use only what is needed and that is environmentally friendly. The ideas of REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE are important to making your designs in a responsible way. For example, reducing the amount of material in a package design which saves resources. Also consider printing locally which will save fuel, money and time. There are many ways to work in a responsible way and we will explore them with you. Being green, saves the earth and saves money. We are responsible to the world, our clients and the craft.


Who would not want to leave the world in a better condition for our future children? We welcome discussing sustainable design practices with you for your next project.  Together, we can make positive changes.




We would love to discuss how we can help your next project to grow through design.


Please contact us to discuss your creative design needs.





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Los Angeles / Orange County California   562-818-1908

"Design Is Our Passion"